Thursday, August 28, 2008

God Speaks on the GOP!!!

Jesus' opinion of the GOP has finally been revealed!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thoughts on Georgia

Dear Frubie,

I wanted to get your opinion on the Russo-Georgian war. Western
opinion seems to generally absolve Georgia of all but the most minimal
responsibility, and levels against Russia the old expanionist
aggressor charge. However, it seems to me that Georgia is paying the
price for an outrageously foolish military adventure against the
former super-power. New powers, or in this case resurgent ones, tend
to be more than a little self-conscious of that power. The first
American historical parallel that springs to mind is Santa Anna firing
on the Alamo. As we recall the response was a bit more than uneven. I
suppose I'm wondering, is it not within a nation's rights to utilize
its full powers when handed a caus belli against a declared foe on a
silver platter? Or, to put it another way, was Russia's response
really that surprising?

Your friend,
DJ Yummy Mummy

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here's a Thought...

Gen X turned out to be a bit of a bust didn't it? I mean, we were supposed to be the 1st generation worse off than our parents. But really, can you think of anyone worse off than our parents? None of my friends knocked up their girlfriends at the age nineteen, for a start. Sure, some of them did later but not at nineteen. I also don't know anyone that's been forced to feed their children a vile mixture of mashed potatoes, cheap ground beef and Veg-All (if you don't know what that is consider yourself blessed) and try to pretend it’s health food. All we've got is 10% unemployment and that's affecting the boomers more than us anyway. Maybe in a way, the Gen-X moniker was a blessing in disguise. Maybe, devoid of expectations we've been able to do more or less what we’ve wanted to. After all, why not? We were screwed anyways. Weren't we?

Russia, Georgia and who's to blame

I'm gonna try to take a second and put some perspective on this whole Russo-Georgian hullabalu. Most of the American press wants to paint the Georgians as the victims. Now, I'm not saying the Rissian response wasn't a little over-reactive (understatement) but let's try not to forget the part played by Georgia's rock-stupid government. The Russians have made perfectly apparent they're distaste for Georgia's westward leanings. By attempting their ill-concieved (huge understatement) military adventure against a region protected by Russian troops the Georgian government had served their country up on
a platter. Imagine if the Cuban missile crisis had happened during the Russo-Afghan war. A bellicose right-winger in power and the enemies ally bogged down in a destabilizing middle east war? Sound familiar?
What do you think Reagan would have done? Especially if the Russian response would have been minimized. While I don't condone military aggression in any form, I also don't think the Georgian government should be so easily forgiven for giving the Russians such a convenient excuse to destroy their country.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iraq demands 'clear timeline' for US withdrawal

Fascinating how the Bush administration continues to try to spin their
strategic failures. Even though the Iraqi leaders have come out with
what amounts to an endorsement of Barack's demand of a defined time
table for withdrawl, Bush still tries to spin it. "A timeline?
Wouldn't dream of it. Now, a horizon? That's a horse of a different