Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Slowing Down

I had to work on Govenor's Island today. We filmed a
company retreat and team building extravaganza for DOITT. Lots of tug
of war and egg relays and other such honkey entertainment my poor
producer (an african American) simply couldn't understand. Not only
were such things alien to her, i found that she, and nearly all pf the
locals we spoke with had never even been there. I tried to explain
some of the historical significance of the place but it was totally
lost on them. To make myself feel better I wandered aimlessly around
old New Amsterdam. And what was my reward for doing what so few New
Yorkers do by simply slowing down a bit? A fife and drum corp. That's
right. Walking up an entirely random street I heard them playing and
went to investigate. They happened to be on Stone St which is
apparently one of the last cobble stone streets in the city. Let that
be a lesson (re)learned. If you want to get any joy out of something,
it's better just to slow down.