Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Round - Education

Obama takes a kind of cheap shot at McCain by slipping in a campaign advisor's off-handed remark. John was sounding a lot like a Democrat (which is good since it'll piss off his base), but then said NCLB was a good idea. Boo on both accounts.

@ The Ballad of Joe the Plumber

Apparently Joe the plumber is the only person voting in this election. At least that's the way it sounds the way they keep talking to the guy.

Final Round - "Herbert Hoover"

Is is just me, or does McCain talk about Hoover like he knew him?

Final Round - The Bottom line (thus far)

McCain is not going to score any points with independents so long as he keeps treating "that one" like he's an uppity pre-teen.

The Final Round - Obama talking about Drilling

Judging by the look on his face, Barak is wondering why the hell he has to answer this same question the same way three times. Maybe because McCain keeps acting like this is the only debate in the election. Is it deliberate or a senior moment?

The Final Round - VP

Nice segway Obama!! After McCain mentions Palin and her backing of autistic problems, Obama points out that if you want to study the problem you might not want to freeze spending.

The Final Round - VP's

"American's have gotten to know Sarah Palin." Sure, John, and their scared sh*tless!!!

The Final Round - The Nasty Question

McCain takes the opportunity to paint himself as a victim. Obama responds that Americans don't care if they feel victimized, but does not respond to John's assertion that not taking public money and doing town hall forums is a lie. Round could go to McCain, but then he cites a "negative" ad being an attack on his healthcare plan. Obama comes back mentioning the "terrorist" and "kill him" speech. Then repudiates it, not in so many words. Round Obama (?).

The Final Round

It's a little sad to see McCain wait until less than 30 days before the election to finally challenge the notion that he's not George Bush.

The Final Round - Here's a thought

I wonder if they had a meeting over who gets to wear the red and who gets the blue tie.

The Final Round

Only a few minutes into it and McCain has already regurgitated the same arguments he did last time. Where are our jobs going to go? Ireland, obviously!!'

The Final Round

McCain should have used Visine. McCain's looking grumpy and blinking an absurd amount.

The Final Round

Uh-oh. McCain is already getting nasty.

The Final Round

Buying mortgages McCain? Sounds like what you agree with Obama here.

The Final Round

Nice looks like an episode of the Apprentice.