Monday, December 22, 2008

That time of year.

It's dern near Christmas time again folks and I'm still kicking,
praises be to Allah or whatever its name is. It's usually around
abouts now that you start hearing a lot flap-jack about what's it all
mean to ya. Well, I ain't one of them reason-fer-the-season types, so
I just like to ponder the idear in real secular-like way. Now you'll
hear a lot about consumerism and the death of American moral
superiority and the way the almighty lifted his protective shield from
this nation cuz we went and became all tolerant of heathens and
whatnot. But personally I reckon it comes down to this; there ain't
much time in this breakneck, cut-throat all around neck damaging world
what we live in, to take the time and recognize the value of the
people in our lives. Maybe if you can't find another reason to get
into the spirit of things, you can just go and remember that we all
could use an excuse to remind the people that populate our own little
worlds that, in the end they still matter. That seems to me reason
enough for the season. But then, that's just me ain't it.