Friday, February 20, 2009

Here's a Thought

Anyone remember when war was good for the economy? What happened to
that? World War 2 ending the depression? Anybody? Maybe the trick is
you have win them...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ruminations on Recent Tomfoolery

My roommate is an asshole. I've only just discovered this. Which is
odd because I've known him for nearly 9 years, not counting brief
childhood meetings. Actually, to be fair, he's not an asshole, but he
is trying to be one. He'd never been an asshole before at any rate, so
I can only assume he's putting it on. It fits with his character. He's
one of those chameleon types. The ones that change their personalities
like other people change styles. And no matter how much it annoys you
there's something about it that commands respect. It takes dedication
to be someone else. Especially when you've forgotten who you were in
the first place. Or never knew. It's hard to even say why he's an
asshole now, as opposed to something different. Sure there's the way
he moved out - giving one week notice three days after telling me he
would give thirty and then asking for us to hurry and find someone so
he could get his rent back - but just being selfish doesn't
automatically qualify one as an asshole. Rather, there was something
in his demeanor that had changed. He had come out to New York a
nervous, vulnerable little man. He didn't know if he'd find work and
his spare time was spent cataloging his life's mistakes. Kind of like
a stamp collector - lovingly and full of care though not entirely
certain what the point was. Then the tone changed. Maybe the coolness
of The City is beginning to run off on him. Maybe he just needs to run
one off. Whatever the reason, he's an asshole now, and I'm glad he's
moved out. Assholes need to be with their own kind. They're sort of
like birds that way. Or squirels.