Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bloomberg Looses Debate?!!?

Utilizing my own specially designed and completely arbitrary point system, I am officially calling tonight's Mayoral debate a win for city comptroller Bill Thompson, with a score of 152 to 146. Mr. Thompson came off as extremely well prepared for this event, frequently laying into Mr. Bloomberg for going back on his pledge not to alter the term limits law without a referendum. This, of course should hardly have been a shocker. Bloomberg's highly unpopular revision of the term limits law is easily his most obvious weakness and one for which he really should have been better prepared. Instead he seemed dismissive and slightly squeamish in his responses. Bloomberg would have had a hard time deflecting the accusations of cynical self-interest under the best of circumstances, but Thompson's impassioned attacks seemed to strike the right chord with those voters most annoyed by the issue.

On the battle of the fact-sheets Mr. Bloomberg seemed to have fared better, although neither candidate seemed able to gain the upper hand attacking each other's record directly. The mayor defended his education and safety record forcefully and believably, while attacking Thompson with pay to play allegations so vicious he was only barely able to deflect them. However, the mayor seemed to waver when the discussion turned to gentrification - quite possibly the favorite boogeyman of city Dems - trying his best to dance around the issue. However, gentrification and race-relations are so intrinsically associated in New Yorker's minds it was next to impossible for the CEO Mayor to tackle the issue and not get his nose bloodied. And Mr. Thompson hit him hard with both those barrels.

Yet even if I am calling the debate for the comptroller, I am still not willing to bet Bill Thompson is the man to beat Bloomberg. As much as the Dems try to make hay of his record, Bloomberg's administration has affected change and much of it good. The question now is whether the people who have been pushed aside by Bloomberg's particular vision of a New York renaissance can convince the people disgusted by his term limits extension to join them in turning him out this November. It's not impossible, but much will hinge on Thompson's ability to organize and lead such a popular coalition. It will be a long haul to November, but if the controller continues to pull off performances like tonight, there's a slim chance he might just do it.

- Frog

Friday, October 9, 2009

This is just stupid.

Okay, I like the guy & I really wanted him to win the election last
year, but really? Really? Did things get so bad under Bush that all a
president has to do to win the peace prize is not start a new war? Or
has the selection committee been hired by the Dems as a PR firm? Think
about it: Gore? Carter? Now Obama. If nothing else it just helps
render the prize even more meaningless to the average American. But
then, with this President I've been wrong before. We'll have to see.

From The New York Times:

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday "for
his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and
cooperation between peoples," the Nobel Committee said...