Saturday, November 21, 2009

The real threat?

This article from CQ Politics got me thinking. If the Dems have a real weakness heading into the by-elections it's with government spending. A libertarian dominated GOP could make a convincing case against the ruling party - convincing enough, I suspect to put a serious dent in the Dems majority. Thankfully the Dems have a secret weapon - Sarah Palin. So long was the Mistake of '08 keeps leading her kamikaze campaign to be the Christian fundamentalist nutjob's version of Goldwater, the GOP will not likely win enough independents to serious affect the balance of power. If the recent special election in upstate NY says anything, it's that a Palin led far-right GOP is still just too darn scary for middle America. In that sense, the fact that Palin won't keep her mouth shut may prove to be a godsend in 2010. Because even the most liberal among us find it hard to look at the rising debt and falling dollar and imagine that this will all end well. But as long as Sarah keeps the GOP's attention firmly fixed on God and gay marriage the Dems will very likely get a second chance to straighten this mess out. What they do with it is another question entirely.