Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GOP take Wiener's Seat...or Why is Pelosi still in Charge?

Read this article this morning. Can someone with a better understanding of internal Democratic party politics explain to me WHY Nancy Pelosi is still minority leader??? She created this embarrassment by calling for Wiener's resignation and yet not a single headline I've come across (so far) has called for her removal?? Do party leaders really think voters are so stupid that they're not paying attention to chamber leadership???
For the record, I'm not buying the Obama-referendum angle here. People who vote - especially people who vote in special elections - have at least enough of a grasp on how the system works to know who leads the House Democrats. This isn't a referendum on Obama. He has a low approval rating, sure. But it isn't any lower than many recession presidents who went on to 2nd terms. No, I think this is a referendum on Congressional Democrats. Unless they start acting like they think voters can see them, this party is in trouble.